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Tanya brings a wealth of expertise as an award-winning publishing expert, ghostwriter, university professor, podcaster, producer, and strategist who skillfully guides the authorpreneur from baffled to bestseller and obscurity to influence through books and films. Tanya has coached hundreds of authors and entrepreneurs, trained thousands in publishing and business, and reviewed/written millions of pages of prose. She has become a beacon of guidance for authors and experts navigating the complex world of sharing compelling stories.

Tanya earned her Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia and her Master of Business Administration from James Madison University. Over the past two decades, she has cultivated a unique blend of business acumen and creative finesse. Complemented by certificates and awards in public speaking, her academic journey laid the groundwork for a career characterized by innovation and excellence.

“Telling bestselling stories through books and film.”

Professional Profile

Tanya taught entrepreneurship at her alma mater, the McIntire School of Commerce at UVA. She also instructed courses in solopreneurship, small business finance, book publishing, and marketing. Tanya is an accomplished business center director, corporate trainer, magazine editor, and consultant. She is known for her compassionate coaching sessions enriched with wisdom and empathy. Her ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of publishing, marketing, business, and technology has been pivotal in enhancing the marketability of numerous creative projects and driving consistent success.

Areas of Expertise

Tanya has mastered the intricacies of the publishing realm. She specializes in adult nonfiction: business, leadership, finance, entrepreneurship, mind/body/spirit, and prescriptive memoirs. She can write your books, grant proposals, and business plans or review them so you can improve them. Her multifaceted skill set also includes manuscript evaluations, author interviews, and business coaching, which showcases a comprehensive approach to author and business success.

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Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce

City of Charlottesville

City of Virginia Beach

Empowerment Talk for Today’s Women Radio Show

Ernst & Young

Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.

James Madison University


McIntire School of Commerce

National Christian Writers Conference

New Visions, New Ventures Women’s Business Center

Prolific Writers Life


Service Corps of Retired Executives

Small Business Development Center Network

University of Virginia

US Small Business Administration


Virginia Employment Commission

Virginia Community Colleges

Quadruplicity Conference for Women

Meet Some of

My Clients

Dr. Joe Vitale

I have worked on several projects with Joe over the years. The latest book was Unexpected Kindness (2023). Most of his books sell well, and many are bestsellers. One notable project I helped him publish was a book by his father for his 90th birthday entitled The Most Contented Man. What started as cassette tape recordings in his home became a beautiful autobiography to share.

Dr. Susie Carder

Dr. Susie Carder, a best-selling author and international speaker, was able to leverage her book, sold to Simon & Schuster/Atria in a bidding war, for millions in revenue within the first year of its launch. Results are unique, though, because “Dr. Carder possesses a rare combination of strategic brilliance and operational acumen alongside her Ph.D. in Business and Finance that fuels her ability to transform businesses into the thriving enterprises they should be,” including her own.

Chantha Pak

Chantha’s book, Healing with the Power of Your Mind (2022), debuted as a #1 International Bestseller. She is a first-time author who had an incredible healing experience that she shares with others so they can do the same. Her dream was to have the foreword of her book written by Dr. Joe Vitale, who she had followed the work of for years. It just so happened that her book coach had connections. Her foreword dream came true. 

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Copyright © 2024 Tanya Brockett. All rights reserved.